Tailormade Service

We carry out our customized solutions for your logistic needs in the following way;

-As soon as we receive your request for a product, the process begins with a briefing where we discover your needs regarding the products specifications, details of the operation and the desired outcome.

1- Using our experience and know-how we offer you a solution by identifying the potential difficulties and requirements.

2- To fully understand the technical requirements, we study certain aspects of the operation such as;

-Specification of the goods that will be carried

-Whether the product will be moved with a forklift/pallet jack

-Loading and unloading procedures

-Transportation style and handling

-Stacking conditions and height

-Loop system

Having gathered as much information as possible we focus our efforts on providing you with the most technically and structurally efficient solution possible.

3- Utilizing the CAD images you supply, we design the product using AutoCad and SolidWorks.

4- In accordance with your needs and troubles, a first draft of the product is presented, which is then enhanced exchanging opinions

6- Once we have your approval on the design, a prototype is then  produced followed by a final examination.

7-  The product passes on to mass production.